pH Alkalinity 

Calcite, Calcite Corosex & Calcor

Water Filter Cartridges & Inline Bayonets

Calcite, Calcite plus Coroses, and Calcor are all natural materials used to neutralize acidic or low pH water. When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. Calcite slowly dissolves to raise the pH. Pictures are for illustrations only and may differ from actual items.

Information Section
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Filter Cartridges                                       Calcite
Filters Inline Bayonets                             Calcite
Filters Cartridges                   Calcite plus Granulated Activated Carbon
Filters Cartridges                     Calcite plus Corosex  for higher pH     
Filters Inline Bayonets                Calcite plus Corosex  for higher pH     
Filters Cartridges                   Calcor pH Neutralization     
Filters Inline Bayonets                        Calcor pH Neutralization