The reason your water tastes and smells like a swimming pool is because your water is treated with the same chemicals as a swimming pool.    

Don't be alarmed... There is a very good reason for this.

 In a city everyone's home is connected to the same water supply.
A municipal water system has the potential possibility of spreading sickness to
everyone connected to it. This is a real health risk for the users connected to it and a liability risk to those providing the water to each of the homes.
For this reason it is necessary to treat municipal water supplies in the same manner as a public swimming pool. Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are added to insure rampant sickness does not occur. 
These powerful chemicals are deadly to pathogen and are harmful to humans as well. Therefore, after you have safely received water from your municipal water supply, it is very important to remove these harmful chemicals from your water before you drink it or bathe in it.
Failure to remove these dangerous chemicals causes the water to tastes bad and eventually may causes health problems for you and your family.  

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to remove these important

but dangerous chemicals

from your water supply.


It is important to  do this before you drink or use your water to bathe in.