Information about Biological Contaminants

Water can contain an abundances of different life forms.  Many of these life forms such as bacteria, viruses, and e-coli are dangerous for human consumption.


Identifying biological risks associated with water use and consumption is literally a matter of public safety.  These harmful contaminants can show up very quickly and without warning. It is very important to monitor these risks by competent means. Most countries delegate this responsibility to a government agency. 

If your water is not supplied by a government regulated source,

it is important to insure your water is biologically safe.  This can be accomplished by ordering a biological bacteria water test from a certified licensed water testing facility.

If your water contains biological contamination,

it is important to treat this problem first.

How to Sanitize your home's water supply.

There are three common methods used to Sanitize water. Below are three buttons. Each button contains information associated with each method. Each method has different benefits, applications, and costs associated. Explore each one to determine the correct match for your home's water problem.