Rusco FAQ Section
   Type:  Sediment Filtration 
 Media:  Screens

Rusco Sediment Filters  (Spin-Down Technology)



What size filter do I need?


Generally speaking, for household use the most appropriate filter is the 3/4” .or 1” Spin-Down or Sediment Trapper filter.  Irrigation and other higher flow rate applications (>25 GPM) are best served by our 1.5” or 2”  Spin-Down or Sediment Trapper models.

Please remember that, as concerns filters, ‘bigger is not necessarily better’.  You should select the smallest filter that corresponds to the flow rate, or GPM, of your system to guarantee more efficient filtration performance.

What mesh size should I select?


A good rule of thumb is to always select the coarsest mesh that will remove the type of sediment you are dealing with.  Lower mesh numbers correspond to coarser mesh, and conversely, higher mesh numbers correspond to finer meshes.  Please see this sediment chart to determine the recommended mesh size for your application.

I need to run more than 100 GPM.  Can I do this?


Yes.  Multiple Rusco filters can be installed in parallel to allow for even greater flow rates.

What temperature ranges can Rusco filters withstand?

Our cold water filters are rated to perform optimally up to 75° F and our hot water filters withstand up to 200° F.

What is the pressure loss from a Rusco filter?


Please see the pressure loss chart in this product brochure for more information.


I am using this filter on a system with chemicals.  Will the Rusco filter work for my application?


The following is a list of tested chemicals.  Please note that the Hot water Filters and Chemical Resistant filters have different chemical resistance properties than the standard Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper filter models. 

How do I install my Rusco product?


Please see our How To page.

I’m having trouble with my filter clogging, what should I do?


In the vast majority of situations, with a properly selected filter size and mesh size, the need to constantly flush will not present itself.  In certain applications with extremely fine silt, or abnormally high levels of sediment, the following solutions can alleviate this issue: Select the proper mesh size.


Install an Automatic Flush Valve System. 

Use a step-down system, consisting of a number of filters installed in series, with mesh sizes increasing in fineness.

There is algae growing inside of my filter, how can I eliminate this?


Filters that are installed in direct sunlight can be fitted with a Rusco Sun Shield,  to block the solar rays that encourage algae growth.

Should I purchase the Spin-Down model or the Sediment Trapper model?


The complex answer is that this depends on the amount of sediment your system needs to be removed.  The Sediment Trapper models provide extra internal volume for trapping very large amounts of sediment.  Generally speaking, we recommend using the Sediment Trapper as a starting point for the smaller 1” and 3/4” sizes, and the Spin-Down model for the larger 1.5” and 2” sizes

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