Granulated Activated Carbon
Water Filter Cartridges & Inline Bayonets
The granular activated carbon filter cartridge utilizes high quality coconut carbon that filters or removes chlorine taste and odor as well as other bad tastes and odors from many organic compounds.  It can be used as pre-treatment for household or commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems as will as other application requiring the removal of said contaminants.
There are many brands and configuration available. Each type offers certain benefits. Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may not be of the actual item. 
Choose the brand and configuration that works best for you.  
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Non Proprietary Sizes          Fits all standard filter housing sizes
gac filter cartridges 01.jpg
GAC Filter Cartridges
filter carbon GAC inline 03.jpg
GAC Inline Filter Bayonets
filter calor all 02.jpg
GAC + Phosphate
filter calcite pic 02.jpg
GAC + Silver
Proprietary Models and Sizes       Fits ONLY proprietary filter systems