Type:  Sediment & Carbon
 Media:   Polypropylene & Activated Carbon

Omnipure Replacement Sediment Cartridges 


With the highest volume in the industry, the OC-Series filter elements are designed to fit most standard 4-7/8”, 9-3/4” and 20” cartridge housings. Omnipure utilizes a spring loading device to compress the media, reducing media migration and ensuring that the water passes properly through the media for optimum filtration.


Omnipure Filter Company offers three series of replacement filter elements for use in systems or as stand alone units - the OC-Series, the CS-Series and the OMB-Series.


The Ultra Slim Line, or CS-Series, filter element is engineered to fit any 9-3/4” housing including the narrower models now on the market. The Slim Line includes all of the engineering features available on the OC-Series in a smalll, slender profile.


The OMB-Series of replacement cartridges feature the new OmnipureBlock™ media. This high quality carbon block media is manufactured from raw materials to precise specifications entirely at the Omnipure manufacturing facility. Filter elements are available in 10 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron and 1 micron lead reduction formulations. Elements are finished with a single layer of spun-bonded polypropylene netting. Polypropylene end caps with compression gaskets are standard. Ask your Omnipure representative about custom formulations and alternative finishing options

Omnipure Cartridge
Replacement Water Filter Cartridges 
2.5" x 9.75"  Micron 0.5               The filter housing is sold separately.                      If you need this part   CLICK HERE