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You can Direct Line Connect reverse osmosis treated water to every tap, shower, tub, sink, toilet, dishwasher, hose bib, swimming pool make up water, fish tank, patio misting system, evaporative coolers, ice maker, or whatever you want...

Why Reverse Osmosis is Better...

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Did you know?

The Water Softener is OUTDATED Technology.

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1950's  Technology...    It was Advanced for its time...

Soft Water Technology was created back in the 1950's. 


At the time softening water was the cutting edge improvement in water treatment technology. 

Softening water works by removing the UN-DISSOLVED MINERALS contained in the water. These un-dissolved minerals are commonly know as Hardness.  When the hardness minerals are removed from the water, the water can be described as Soft Water


At the time (1950's) this new water treatment technology was advanced. Soft Water is a substantial improvement compared to Hard Water. However, removing only the un-dissolved minerals from the water is removing only part of the problem.

The Remaining Larger Problem is associated with the TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS still remaining in the water.

What is the

Water Treatment Technology

that REMOVES 98% of BOTH

Dissolved and Un-Dissolved Solids?

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That would be

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Water Softeners actually ADD SALT to the water....
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  Water Softener's

  Can Not...

  • Remove Salt

  • Remove TDS

  • Dry Spotless

  • Stop Corrosion 

  • Stop Scale 


 Make the water

Taste Delicious

Water softeners by design are not able to remove the remaining Total Dissolved Solids.  This remaining TDS (salts) is what makes the water taste bad, leave spots after drying, facilitates corrosion and scale build up and other water troubles that go beyond the reach of removing the hardness component only.

Softening the water does not completely stop any of these water conditions because softening does not address the DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS) portion of the equation. It took another thirty years before the technology to remove both the Un-Dissolved Solids and the Dissolved Solids would appear .

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Semipermeable Membrane Technology
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 It's How Bottled Water is Made....

Reverse Osmosis Technology provides the solution for removing both the Un-Dissolved Solids and the Total dissolved Solids (TDS) from untreated water. It does this by passing water through a semipermeable membrane that rejects 98% of virtually everything present in the water.  This process produces water qualities that far exceeds the current municipal and industrial standards associated with water softeners.

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Compare the conductivity meter readings between softened water and RO treated water.

"Now that's some high quality H2O..."

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R O  Water TDS Test  50 PPM
TDS meter 800.jpg
Soft Water TDS Test  850 ppm

  • Water Taste Delicious

  • Makes Drinks Taste Great

  • Ice Cubes are Crystal Clear

  • Dries Spotless

  • Cleaning is made Easy

  • No Soap Films

  • Stops Corrosion and Scale Build Up

  • Protects Plumbing Fixtures 

  • Protects Water Using Appliances

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Does Not Use Salt

  • Affordable to obtain

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Awesome to Bathe In


Experience the Difference

Modern Water Treatment Technology


With a Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

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water tap 01.jpg

The WHRO Water Treatment System combines all associated components and sub-systems into a one turn-key COMPLETE SYSTEM that installs exactly like a standard water softener.

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       The WHRO System Components Include:

  • Pre-Filtration Sediment Micron Rating M5,  Size 2.5"x20"

  • Pre-Filtration Activated Carbon Block  M10, Size 2.5"x20"  Twice

  • Reverse Osmosis Production Rates ranging from 700gpd to 1400gpd.

  • Electrical Controls for Automated Functions and Safety.

  • Product Water Re-Pressure System delivers water at 20gpm @ 60psi.

  • Water Storage optional 100, 200, or 300 gallons


Economical to Obtain 

Easy to operate and maintain.

RO Water is Better than Soft Water 

Saves Money 



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From                                               to

Bottled Quality Water is not just for drinking anymore...

Is it time
Water Treatment System

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The Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

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Bottled Quality Drinking Water is not just for drinking anymore...

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