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You can Direct Line Connect Reverse Osmosis Treated Water to every tap, shower, tub, sink, toilet, dishwasher, hose bib, swimming pool make up water, fish tank, patio misting system, evaporative coolers, ice maker, or  whatever you want...

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The Water Filtration Cartridges associated with the WHRO system should be replaced every six months or sooner if needed. 


If your source water contains chlorine, you will use cartridges 

( 1 Sediment 2.5"x20") and ( 2 Activated Carbon 2.5"x20" ) and ( 1 Activated Carbon 2.5:x10" )

If your source water does not contains chlorine, you will use cartridges

( 2 Sediment 2.5"x20") and (1 Activated Carbon 2.5"x20" ) and ( 1 Activated Carbon 2.5"x10" )

For application where the pH needs treatment,

the ( Phosphate Cartridge 2.5"x10" ) is used in place of the ( Activated Carbon 2.5"x10" ).

WHRO System's Replacement Cartridges

The WHRO Membrane only needs replacement when it either
fails to reduce TDS levels or slows down production rates.
With proper maintenance of the pre-filtration cartridges the membrane will last for many years.

WHRO Membrane

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The Whole House REVERSE OSMOSIS Water Treatment System

Logo Whole House RO System 05.jpg
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Bottled Quality Drinking Water is not just for drinking anymore...

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