Rainsoft, Pre Sediment and Carbon Filter Cartridge, Micron 05, fits Modles 9591, 9596, 9757, and 13119

Filter Rainsoft Sediment 5Micron & Carbon

SKU: 32-250-125-975
  • This water filter cartridge reduces sand, rust, dirt, silt, and sediment from water supplied to it. This water filter cartidge features polypropylene filtration media. It is ideal for a wide range of residential, industrial, commercial and food grade applications. It is bacteria and chemical resistant. Precisely manufactured to ensure the best possible fit with a reliable seal that won't leak.

  • Filter Media: Polypropylene

    Temperature Range: (40 to 145 F) (4.4 to 62.8 C)

    Micron Rating: 05

    Dimensions: Fits Rainsoft modles 9591, 9596, 9757, and 13119 Residential RO Systems

    Reduces: sand, rust, dirt, silt, and scale particles and chlorine